Ludwigstrasse 7, Munich
02.07 — 07.07

» Online Viewing Room [RE] GENERATION

[RE] GENERATION showcases a new wave of diverse artists from around the world. This two-space exhibition will be showing in parallel at Knust Kunz Editions and Galerie Daniel Blau, Munich. Organized by the [Re]generator (www.regenerator.earth), this collaboration premieres not only inspiring art, but also a new idea for organizing community around creative regeneration. The [Re]generator is a new project that plans to build a network of physical spaces (also individually named “[Re]generators”), that will facilitate and harness the creative power of artists to help fix the biggest problems of our time: ecological degradation, climate change, plastic pollution, loss of community and political polarization. Proceeds from the exhibition will go to support the creation of the first physical [Re]generator, hopefully in Kamikatsu, Japan. Kamikatsu is known as Japan’s “zero waste town”. The hope is that such a space in Kamikatsu, will serve as a model to other towns around the world, to adopt similar approaches to local ecological and social challenges. The “creative citizen’s assembly” problem-solving model applies new insights from deliberative democratic practice emerging around the world. Through this creative space, it is hoped that new creative engagements, reciprocities and ecologies between humans and their environment can emerge. In this way, the [Re]generator could inspire a new circular ecology of regenerative art and artistic regeneration.