B & B

Ben Cottrell, Ben Kaufmann
Theresienstrasse 48
27.02 — 28.03

Ben Kaufmann and Ben Cottrell started working together in Munich in 2006, Cottrell as an artist, Kaufmann in his position as a gallerist. Aside from his own artistic practice, at this point Ben Cottrell had already realized near to 100 exhibitions in weekly turns, together with Mariola Groener with whom he opened the project space Forever and a day büro in Berlin Kreuzberg. In this capacity he provided an early platform to positions later becoming power players on the art market.
Ben Kaufmann on the other side renounced his public artistic production when he opened his gallery, and shifted into a private practice.
The exhibition
B & B now shows works from this "stand by" production for the first time, as well as the photographic series Allen's Ladies from 2019. Shot in a depot, the series depicts the pornographic group of figures Garderobe, Tisch, Stuhl (1969) by Allen Jones, which is being represented apart from any public exhibition situation. Ben Cottrell however addresses the matter of the inner and the outer in his very own way, by using mystic portrayals especially of the female body, as seen in movies and magazines, as a starting point for his drawings and paintings. In his newest body of work Cottrell concentrates on these figures as they become abstract shapes and by doing so questions pop-cultural approaches to replication and availability.